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Hana Saemon-Beck
(The Boss)

Hana has more than 15 years' experience in education and learning/training and development and has worked with students and trainees from a wide range of age groups, nationalities, ethnicities, abilities and backgrounds. Her interest in setting up Aotearoa Adaptive Archery (AAA) was largely influenced by her personal experiences and aided by her professional skills.

David McAuley

David McAuley has over 50 years of experience in archery. Picking up his first bow at as an 11-year old, David had a number of successful years as a junior winning numerous South Island titles. His first national win was in 1981 in the senior category and he has had more titles in the years ahead. In 1997, David represented New Zealand at the world championship in Canada.

David Henshaw

David (Dave) Henshaw has over 50 years in archery, both as an archer and a coach. Dave is one of the most renowned coaches in New Zealand, having sent at least two archers to the Olympics. He coached and brought the late Neroli Fairhall, a paraplegic, to many world level competitions, such as the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games, where she competed alongside able-bodied archers. Most recently, through Dave’s coaching, Rebecca Jones qualified and became the first and only New Zealand’s youth to compete in the  2018 Buenos Aires Youth Olympics.

Get your game on


$70 + GST

  • A one-on-one 1-hour introduction to archery session for those with Special Abilities. Perfect for those who want to try before committing to longer sessions.

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One-on-One Session

$80 - $110 + GST

  • Specialised 2-hours session catered for those with Special Abilities. Individual Sessions are a great choice to improve trainee's performance. Through a strategic and personalised session, trainee becomes comfortable with the game both on and off the field. If you’re looking to elevate your game, One-on-One Sessions with Aotearoa Adaptive Archery are for you. Individual sessions are great for individuals who would require more attention.

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3 persons Group Sessions (One or Two coaches)

$90 - $280 + GST

  • 2-hours group sessions for 3 participants. Group sessions are great as it will also provide opportunities for teamwork and competitive games. Individuals will get to socialise with their friends and hone their interpersonal skills as well as work on their mental and physical health.

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Other Sessions

price varies

  • Please enquire and let us know your needs. We may be able to cater to you.

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Why AAA?
  • AAA is the first and only archery coaching organisation catered for those with Special Abilities in Christchurch, Canterbury and New Zealand.

  • Staff with personal and professional experiences in disabilities, education and archery.

  • Specialised service at clients' preferred locations.

  • Adapted to clients' individuals needs.​

  • One-on-one coaching.​

  • Flexibility based on clients' needs at no cost to client

Do I need to be at a certain athletic level to train with Aotearoa Adaptive Archery?
  • Clients must be able to engage in low-impact activities for at least 2 hours with short breaks in between.​

  • Clients must also be above the age of 10.

It is too expensive!
  • AAA has made all efforts to keep the fees as low as possible and will continue to do so. AAA operates on a not-for-profit level and is a social enterprise. All fees go towards wages for the coaches, equipment hire/purchase, upkeep of equipment and development of the organisation to further benefit the clients.

  • Payment is flexible. You do not need to pay a lump sum payment. You can pay weekly, fortnightly, every four weeks etc. However, to secure your position, there will be a non-refundable deposit of the price of one session which will be used to offset the cost of your last session.

  • We encourage organisations, schools, and individuals to apply for funding as you would be more likely to receive them. We are happy to provide quotes for you. See:

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